Protect your inventions, names, logos and designs with Ab Ovo Patents & Trademarks. We are reliable, knowledgeable and hands-on. We distinguish ourselves by short lines of communication, by modern, efficient and client-oriented work processes, by clear and comprehensible communication and by minimal overhead cost.
Ab Ovo Patents & Trademarks is an intellectual property law firm obtaining strong, enduring patents, trademarks and designs as key components of clients valuable intellectual property portfolios. We apply for patent on your invention and go through the required national and international procedures. We deposit trademarks and designs. We guard your intellectual property, assist in cases of opposition and infringement and advise you on licensing agreements. But should we, in your case, consider it necessary and prudent to refrain from all this, then we will certainly be persistent.
With Ab Ovo Patents & Trademarks, you benefit from honest and professional advice, from optimal protection of your property and from excellent quality for a fair price.
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